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Wildbirds and Peacedrums+Helluvah:à Grenoble au Ciel

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Interview email de Thee More Shallows du 17/10/2007
rédigé le 18/10/2007

Petite interview rapide des excellentissimes Thee More Shallows qui ont bien voulu se prêter au jeu de l'interview email d'Indierockopera juste avant d'entamer leur tournée. (interview en anglais afin de ne rien dénaturer...)

Alex:How did Thee More Shallows come about?
Dee Kessler: We all were playing in band in high school. Jason played the flugelhorn, Brian played the lute, and I played the timpani. When a witch flew a broomstick through Jason's father and Brian's was swallowed by a sand pit, I brought them both soup.

A: For someone that does'nt know the band that well, how would you
describe its sound?

D.K.: A crossword puzzle sung by a cyclothymic.

A:What artists have influenced you the most?
D.K.: Henry Miller, Herman Melville, Thomas Kesler, , Proust, Somerset Maugham, David Behrmann, Vivaldi, Popul Vuh, Odd Nosdam, Why?, Deerhoof.

A: How long did it take to record "Book of Bad Breaks"?
D.K.: 3 months.

A: Which were your sources of inspiration for this new album? About what does it speak ?
D.K.: Hopes and fears for the Next Generation of Kesler. That, and cyclothymia.

A: Which do you enjoy more, performing live or writing and recording?
D.K.: At this moment, writing. It's the most rewarding, and I've been feeling
very creative. It's hard to find the time to write when on tour - but I do LOVE touring too!

A: What's the most difficult part of being on the road for so long? What's the best part?
D.K.: Most difficult: Being away from family, digestive system in uproar.
Best: Playing music for a living! Traveling!! Meeting wonderful people!!!

A: Do you prefer to play at home (US) or in Europe? Why?
D.K.: We enjoy playing both places for different reasons. European crowds are
wonderful, and the promotors/friends we've met over here are really special to us. Plus we learn so much from traveling in different countries. But home is great too, because have a lot of friends (and like-minded bands) that we see as we go from town to town.

A: More personal...What do you do when you don't compose or aren't in
live tour? (leisures, sports)

D.K.: I love to swim. I was a competitive swimmer up until college, and now I
do it to relax. I also paint and read a ton. I've also been mentoring a kid, and that's been super cool. But mostly I don't have many other hobbies. Music has taken all my time.

A: The place where you like to spend more time?
D.K.: Two places:
Clearwater Lake, MN - a lake cabin where I wrote most of the last record.
Escanaba, MI. - best river in the world.

A: One movie, one book, one drink, one band or album.
D.K.: Baraka, Moby Dick, Special Grouse, Elvis.

A: Your final word.
D.K.: Melliloquent

A: Thank's!
D.K.: Thank you! You did a nice job!