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Interview email de Troy Von Balthazar du 22/07/2007
rédigé le 30/07/2007

En exclusivité Indierockopera, voici l'interview de Troy Von Balthazar (ex-Chokebore)faite par email juste avant la sortie de son deuxième album... Réponses décalées et étonnantes à l'instar du personnage... Folie quand tu nous tiens!

Alex: Hi Troy! Nice to email you...lol ;-)
Troy: yes it is the best thing that has happened to me in the last 6 months
since i was put here in prison. it has been hard in here so i am glad to talk to you today.

Alex:How was born your solo project knowing that you made part of the group

Troy: i found that i liked to play by myself, like a little kid all alone in
a field. there is more to think about when you are alone. i just have many
songs coming out of me and it feels so personal. and really who cares? life
is short and i want mine to be exciting!

A:Chokebore seemed to be much more energetic, different. How do you explain this radical change for softer melodies and melancholic songs?
T: I got sick of thinking that distortion meant power. that is wrong. a great song is a powerful song, with or without drums and distortion. to me i dont think about it too much. i dont even listen to my music after it is recorded. the part i love is writing it and playing it. oh that is so much
fun that i want to take off my clothes and run down the street.

A:Is it true that you evertues to play all the instruments that are used to compose your albums? Why?
T: on the first album yes. on my new album i have some friend play with me.
i like to change from album to album. that is one of the freedoms of what i

A:When your new album will be out
T: i hope soon but i think in the fall sometime. music is easy for me and
the music business is a little more complicated...HA! i love this struggle
it never stops and it keeps me crazy and afraid! afraid that what I'm doing
is not important if many people don't know it. the music business keeps me

A:Which were your sources of inspiration for this new album? About what does speak it?
T: breaking out of prison.

A:Why did you go to record it in Hawaii whereas you seems to be so near to Europe?
T: i recorded the tracks in los angeles. then i took them to hawaii to mix them. hawaii is my home and i feel best there. but europe is my 2nd home and i feel good there too when im not too tired from touring. also it is good to try the other side of the world then comeback with my brain full of new thoughts and cultures. this is good for growth. i dont know how i ever got
jailed down here in mexico.

A:Did you already envisage dates in France for this new album?
T: i have a tour coming in october and november in germany and austria and
poland and prague. i really want to have some french shows also as that is
my favorite place to play in the world and i miss my friends.

A:Which are your preferred groups of the moment?In general?
T: my grandmother used to play the harmonica. she is my favorite because she had no teeth and that is cool. i wish i had no teeth

A:Those which inspire to you more?
T: none/all

A:More personal...What makes Troy when he doesn't compose or isn't in
concert? (your leisures, sports)

T: i like to swim out into the sea and look at the fishys all alone. i like
to type on my typewriter. i like to travel and i like to make love and then
dream. but now i just dream that i make love. life is funny.

A:Your destination of holidays preferred?
T: the sea on a planet far away where there is only cookies to eat and i can
find love and she will help me though my time while i am still alive and
make the days like sunlight. and where i can run through the streets naked
and where i will have a gigantic penis that will scare everyone.

A:The place where you like to spend more time?
T: under the waves where it is blue.

En patientant pour le prochain album...